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The moment you say Semarang most people will think about traveling inside the city such as lawang sewu or having its special food called lumpia and its bandeng presto fish which you can find easily inside semarang.

However, in this winter semester break i escaped from cold temperature in China for 2 days trip to Wonocolo, Cepu in east java its located not far from Semarang, about 2 hours driving by car. They said this place is the only oil field in Indonesia where they manage it with a traditional method and traditional machinery.The main purpose i went there is to accompanying my parents, they investing in oil mining in Cepu.

Day 1

On my first day i arrived in Semarang city around 1pm, the weather was very hot and humid even in the raining season. after that we straightly went to Cepu by train it's about 4 hours trip and cost you around Rp 50.000/ person, the train is not very good, however they still have Air Conditioner inside but don't expect too much for the seat :(

We picked up by the investors club to the nearby hotel just the moment we arrived at Cepu, they said there are no many hotel in Cepu, the standard hotel in Cepu will cost you around Rp1.000.000 / night for 2 people room. later after we finish the dinner and the meeting with all investor and the oil field owner. we went to the oil field. Yes! finally after i have a long long journey i will have something to be snapped by my camera :p 

wooden tower and the filter man


under construction oil well

This is the appearance of the traditional oil mining in Wonocolo in the night. the mechanism is like an ordinary well. they dug a hole which contains a lot of impure oil, and build a wooden tower above to collect the impure oil. Something like a pail is used by them but lot bigger of course. they pull the pail with a modified trucks engine. there is a driver who control the machine, when the engine must stop pulling the pail or not. Absolutely, it's not easy even though the driver just pressing 1 pedal, they need a skill to know how deep the well is and when they should stop pressing the gas pedal. After the pail is pulled out of the well they have a filter man whose separating the impure oil.

the leverage pull direction
The driver
modified truck engine with the driver

the filter man with the oil pond
the torch
Excluding the oil Wonocolo land also rich of gas. For example, look at the torch below they said the torch is immortal, it wont die because the natural gas which come out from beneath ground is never run out. My conclusion is Wonocolo is a rich land which rarely touched by many people. what an interesting place for business! :P

If you wanna go here just dont forget to bring a jacket or mosquitoes repellent since a lot of mosquitoes flying around here waiting for their food :D also there are no network service in this remote area especially for XL(SIM card) user, so my suggestion to use another SIM card if you wanna travel around wonocolo e.g telkomsel.

Day 2

On this day, we planned to go to a Gedong songo temple in Bandungan, it's located nearby semarang city. Again we've got a free transportation provided by the investors club (lot of  thanks for them!).

during the journey most of the time you will see a lot fields 

In the middle of the trip we stopped for our breakfast. we had a local food called asem-asem it's kind of soup with a ribs/fish ( you can choose them) taste a little bit sour but it's taste very good you cannot get them in other place. i don't know the exact location because it's in remote area but if you go to Wonocolo,Cepu and ask the local people they must be know.

However, before we went to Gedong songo we had a lunch in a place named Susan wellness center& spa. This place quite interesting they have a wedding venue inside called La Kana. The picture below were all taken there.
the twin

lil Yellow
say hello


and seek

White yet elegant
triple eyed

The arrogant peacock

pink or blue?

i will follow you

If you are interested, these are the price list of La Kana, for more information visit

wedding package     = Rp 73B(200 person)
Holy matrimony      = Rp 27.5B( 50 person) including snack, lunch, and private party
Pre Wedding            =Rp 2.B (for the location)
(2 days 1 night)        = Rp 4B(weekdays/couple) Rp 4.5B(weekend/couple)
Honeymoon (2 days 1 night)  =Rp2.5B(weekday/couple) Rp 2.8B (weekday/couple)

Fulfilled our belly we straightly went to the Gedong Songo temple.
Here is the price list again.
Weekdays: Rp6.000
Weekend: Rp 7.500
For International Tourist is fixed @ Rp 50.000

Gedong Songo temple was built in rows that lied further up the slopes of Mountain Ungaran. Located exactly in Darum Village, Bandungan, Central Java. it's approximately 2-3 hours by car from Semarang Airport to get here.

The Name Gedong songo is derived from Javanese language. "Gedong" means house or building while " Songo" means nine. Hence, Gedongsongo represents 9 groups of buildings. However, at the present only 5 Gedong existed. the other 4 is collapsed eaten by the age.

Since the route is quite far, if you feel lazy to hike the mountain you can rent a horse. its cost you depending on how long the journey is, Rp 25k for nearest trip to Rp90k for the furthest trip. they also have maximum time for 1 hour each trip. Don't worry if you can't ride a horse, the horse trainers are ready to accompany you during the trip.
choose your ride!

they will help you

drink before the journey

the journey began
Arrived on top 

She named putri 


Bon apetit!

such a relaxing atmosphere

5th temple

approaching fog
the fogs are coming!
Take me Honey!
As it is raining season in Indonesia, the fog welcoming us and giving a mysterious surrounding. Also dripping some of their contains.
natural black and white

nice spot for hiding

quite creepy isn't it?

they falling!

lets take a rest
So here is the sweetener in the raining season , this drink called sekoteng. since it's containing ginger it will make you warm from the inside (very recommended in raining season).

We end our journey here, just after we finished the sekoteng we headed back to the airport and  garuda indonesia airline (recommended airline) flew us to our home sweet home.

it's landed softly

Visit Indonesia!


  1. join the investor club :If you interested in investing in oil mining i suggest you to made a connection to investor club first, so they can be your tour guide.
  2. Buy a mosquitoes repellent: since it's tropical country and quite far away from the city.
  3. wear a thin jacket, some mosquitoes are not scared of repellent
  4. wear an appropriate shoes, don't wear sandal or hard shoes it will hurt your feet
  5. don't use XL sim card, since it's hard to get the network service
  6. don't go in raining season, it will ruin your journey if the heavy rain come to you
  7. Music, its a good companionbecause it will be quite long journey

Price list

  1. Semarang-Wonocolo Train = Rp 50.000
  2. Gedong Songo Entrance Ticket =Rp 6.000 - Rp 7.500 (Rp 50.000 for International Tourist)
  3. La-Kana price list :
    wedding package     = Rp 73B(200 person)
    Holy matrimony      = Rp 27.5B( 50 person) including snack, lunch, and private party
    Pre Wedding            =Rp 2.B (for the location)
    (2 days 1 night)        = Rp 4B(weekdays/couple) Rp 4.5B(weekend/couple)
    Honeymoon (2 days 1 night)  =Rp2.5B(weekday/couple) Rp 2.8B (weekday/couple)

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