Suzhou Beautification

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Hellow there! I’ve been so busy recently because exam in my university is approaching! And I have a f**kin math subject to test, so I find it difficult to write my journey story. Anyway, in last month (march 2015) I went to Suzhou (苏州) one of many famous city in China. It is located in JiangSu(江苏) province.

 I’ve been there with my collage friends brought by the vis-à-vis club in my university many thanks to the crew they work very hard and we had a great yet cheap journey.


We went there by bus from Ningbo City for approximately 3 freakin hours on the couch. And it was raining in SuZhou what a great journey isn’t it? The first place we head is 拙政 (zhuo zheng Yuan) located in 178 Dongbei Street (东北街178) the ticket price is 35Yuan/ person. This garden is claimed to be the largest garden in SuZhou yet the finest garden in Southern China, it is also included in UNESCO world heritage. Go there with your couple or your parents in the summer would be a great idea! I suggest you to not come during the winter since it weren’t really nice when I was there, but If a pluviophile you won’t regret.

our first view in SuZhou

my friends there! 

nice place to chill sadly it was raining
water drop

the famous mandarin duck!

oh i'm spotted
credit for them for being my umbrella man and tripod man!

Along with the famous garden Suzhou weaving art embellish the beautification of SuZhou. I think that’s why there is a famous Chinese saying that said “there is heaven above the sky, and there are Suzhou and Hangzhou below the sky” (天上有天堂,天下有苏杭)

not only the scenery is famous in SuZhou, their artworks are pretty as well as the garden

Right after took a walk on that very nice garden we went to the street outside the garden to find something to fulfill our hungry belly.
street view infront of the garden

In the night we planned to go to the ferris wheel but since the weather was not good we headed back to the hotel,we stayed in super 8 hotel which is quite famous in China as a budget hotel. The rate when we went there was around 250 Yuan per room for 2 peeps. But as we come together as travel club we got a discount yeiy!


A famous tourist attraction called Hu Qiu (虎丘) which means tiger hill is our next target! It is No 1. Tourist attraction in Suzhou! (actually its written on the ticket :p @30Yuan), there is a very nice pagoda located in here. However, the pagoda was closed for maintenance they said the pagoda is started to skew. But don’t worry I think it’s gonna fixed soon as Chinese worker are like ants they work very fast!
tiger statue welcoming people here

 tiger garden's flower collection

too lazy to walk? find him!
or find this!

they posed on the rock :p
under construction pagoda :(
human companion

triple colors!

bamboo forest 

yes! on our 2nd day the weather is very nice, and we went to ferris wheel as well! here is the view of SuZhou ferris wheel

what will you see up there
what will you see down there 

Tips N Trick 

  1. Pleco Dictionary apps: if you are foreigner and you are not really sure with your Chinese language this is the best dictionary for you
  2. Don't come to SuZhou in winter since most of the flower fall, and the weather isn't friendly
  3. the ferris wheel won't operate in bad weather, so don't waste your time to come if it's raining
  4. if you want to find train or airplane ticket online go here www.ctrip,com (available in English)

Price list

  1. Super8 Hotel :± 250yuan/room for 2 person (low season)
  2. Hu Qiu(虎丘)ticket: 30Yuan/person
  3. Zhuo Zheng Yuan (拙政园): 35Yuan/person
  4. ferris wheel: 40Yuan/person(student) ±70Yuan/Person(non-student)
Sadly this comes to the end of my journey since it's only 1 night trips we cannot expect much, anyway wish me luck on my exam on May guys! Keep in touch with us, the next blog post will be a gallery of my project or perhaps another photography tips for those interested in. fill the comment space bellow to let me know which one you interested in. Have a great journey! 祝大家一路顺风

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